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Accepted File Formats & Layout Specifications

You can submit your files via mail, email, in FTP (call us for details) or come in any time between 7am and 4:30pm and we will be happy to assist you.
We can work with most file types. Below is a list of our most common and preferred file types.


PDF Document - pdf

Text Documents

Microsoft Word - .doc Microsoft Excel - .xlsx, .xls

Document Layout

Adobe Illustrator - .ai
Adobe Photoshop - .psd
Adobe In-Design - .indd, .idml
Quark Express - .qxp

Image Formats

.jpeg, .png, .eps, .tiff, .bmp

(Please include all links and fonts with your submission of an Adobe In-Design file)
*We have a large library of fonts available, but if you are using a unique or unusual font please include these with your files.

Paper & Paper Sizes

We offer a wide variety of paper so please call so we can find the right paper for you! Our Largest Paper size is 13”X19”.

Bleed Layout Specifications

Bleed is the amount of printed information which extends beyond the finished size of your piece.

Bleed allows us to print your piece slightly oversized and cut it down to its exact size. This gives a final seamless  appearance of the image “bleeding” off the edges. We recommend that you build your file with bleed dimensions of an extra 1/8 inch (.125″) on each side.  This increases the total width and height of your document by 1/4 inch (.25″). For example, a 3.5 x 2″ business card is designed as a 3.75 x 2.25″ file.

Safe Design Area
The safe design zone is the 1/8 inch (.125″) area surrounding the inside trim edge of your piece.

Keeping your critical content-text, images, graphics-within the safe design zone ensures that nothing will be  positioned too close to the edge, where it could be impacted by trimming variances of up to 1/32 inch.